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Naturally Dried Pampas Grass and Palm Bouquet with Pink Florals

Dried floral Pampas Grass Bouquet for Home decorating

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The Pampas Grass and Palm Collection is a beautiful bouquet including naturally dried Pampas Grass, Palm, Bunny tail grass, and Fern leaves. The color is a mix of white, pink, and brown creating a bright and elegant table decor piece for home, wedding, or event.

The bouquet includes a touch of pink to create a fresh and welcoming environment. It is a great alternative to fresh flowers as it can last up to three years.

All the stems/plumes in our bouquet are handpicked and we have taken extra measures are taken to include additional products in some bouquets which might have smaller or more gentle pieces.

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1. Place plumes outside in the sun for a few hours to help them naturally regain their fuller look.

2. Gently shake each plume outside before bringing them into your home.

3. Arrange bouquet whilst laying flat on a table. Place dried leave first, then rest fern against the palm to ensure it stays standing once placed into the vase.

4. Place other pampas grass randomly on top to create your preferred look.

5. Before placing it in the vase, use some rope to tie the bouquet together to ensure it stays in place.

6. Place in vase carefully and adjust bouquet to suit your preference.

7. Once you are happy with the arrangement, use hairspray to reduce shedding.


Length: 17.64"

Width: 1.97"

Height: 8.86"

Weight: 6.2 ounces

*When opening your parcel the pampas grass will shed. This is normal and will not change the final look of the bouquet.*


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    I’m such a beautiful arrangement great quality

    Cute arrangement but has a smell that is not pleasant

    This arrangement is cute and on trend but it had a smell to it. Very obvious in small spaces.

    Looks nice.

    I think it’s too pricey for the product and very delicate. But after putting it together looks nice but broke couple of pieces just taking it out of the box and trying to organize it.

    So pretty!

    I really love it! Perfect

    Awesome unique product

    Awesome value for money product that arrived fast from overseas, not sure how Amazon can deliver so fast ? The instructions to assemble were super easy and very happy with the Pampas grass arrangement. Given the speed of delivery and unique product will pick some more up as Xmas gifts! Thank you