What is Pampas Grass?

Pampas grass has recently become a popular decorating item due to its beautiful, bohemian style look. 

Previously people relied on fresh flowers to add a touch of color and elegance to a space, however recently dried arrangements, grasses and foliages have gained popularity.

If you are interested in Pampas Grass and want to know more about where pampas grass originated and how to choose which one to purchase, keep reading to find out! 

Where did pampas grass originate? 

Pampas grass is named after its place of origin pampas in South America. There is a variety of styles and sizes of pampas grass with approximately 25 species in total. Its feathery cream-colored plumes that reach high above the leaves on an unbranched smooth stem is what has gained popularity.

Despite its beautiful look, pampas grass is considered a weed and can be harmful if planted near crops. For this reason, pampas grass is banned in some countries as if not dried seedlings can spread quick. 

In recent years the fluffy look has attracted people and now pampas grass is dried and can be colored to create beautiful dried arrangements which can be used to decorate a room in your house, weddings or events. 

Why choose pampas grass to decorate? 

Pampas grass, naturally dried plants and flowers create a calming and serene space. The neutral tones make it easy to incorporate season round and if the right care is taken, pampas grass has a life of up to 3 years in comparison to fresh flowers which might only last two to three weeks. Pampas grass is relatively low maintenance and can be incorporated into many different homes. 

What to look for when purchasing pampas grass? 

Pampas grass bouquets are available in all different shapes and sizes, however, it is important to know what style you are looking for before purchasing your first pampas grass.

1. Fluffy Statement  

If you are after a fluffy look, we recommend our original white pampas grass bouquet. It has a variety of different sized and shaped pampas grasses to create a fluffy, fuller look.

2. Floral Statement 

If you are looking for a bouquet that could replace the look of flower flowers in your home, our palm and pampas grass bouquet is the right choice for you. Our bouquet includes more of a variety of plants and flowers such as fern leaves, palm leaves, grass and other dried plants. The assortment of different plants adds textures to replicate a similar look to a floral bouquet. 

 3. Bold statement 

Lastly, some people are looking for a bold large statement that can be achieved by using a larger style of pampas (up to 2 metres) which can be decorated in a floor vase. We currently do not sell this product as larger pampas tend to shed significantly and the quality can differ from one plume to the next. 

We suggest searching on Etsy or Amazon for a larger statement. Also, check reviews before purchasing!  

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