How to Prepare Pampas Grass for Decorating

Pampas grass is a popular decorating element, as it adds a natural and elegant touch to any room or outdoor space. Here are a few steps to prepare your pampas grass for decorating:

  • Cut and prune the plumes: Cut the plumes of your pampas grass at the base of the plant. Cut each grass at a different length to at depth and texture to the arrangement.
  • Remove any debris: Once the plumes are cut, use your hands to gently remove any debris, such as seeds, leaves or twigs.
  • Fluff the plumes: Leave pampas grass plumes in sunlight for a few hours to help them regain a more natural and fluffy appearance.
  • Dye the plumes: Our bouquets are already dyed however if desired, you can dye the plumes to match the color scheme of your decor. Use a natural dye or fabric paint to color the plumes and allow them to dry completely.
  • Arrange the plumes: Arrange the plumes in a vase or container of your choice, or use them in a bouquet or wreath. You can also use them in a garland or as a wall hanging.
  • Keep arrangement away from direct sunlight: Pampas grass should be kept away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration or wilting.
By following these steps, you can prepare your pampas grass for decorating and enjoy its natural beauty in your home or event.
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