Frequently Asked Questions about Pampas Grass

1. Is pampas grass illegal? 

Our dried pampas grass bouquets are legal to purchase in the United States and the United Kingdom. In some countries such as Australia, pampas grass is illegal as when grown, it is a weed that can kill crops. 

2. Why would I buy pampas grass instead of flowers? 

Pampas grass is a beautiful plant that can be dried and colored to create a floral decor piece for your home, wedding or event. People choose pampas grass over flowers as dried floral arrangements have a life of up to 3 years, whereas fresh flowers only last a few weeks. 

3. Is pampas grass toxic to pets? 

Pampas grass is not toxic to dogs, cats and horses. It is okay for them to accidentally eat it, however, It is best to keep it out of reach of pets as any plant consumed in large quantities by pets can cause vomiting. 

4. How long does pampas grass last? 

With the proper care, pampas grass can last up to three  3 years.

5. How to care for my pampas grass?

To prevent shedding seal the pampas with hairspray, keeping them out of direct sunlight or out of humid environments, and avoid getting them wet.

6. How do I make my pampas grass fluffy?  

Once purchased, leave pampas grass in sunlight for an hour or so. This will help the pampas grass regain its naturally fluffy look. The longer you leave your pampas grass the fluffier they will get. 

7. Does pampas grass make a mess? 

Yes and No. When opening your bouquet for the first time, there will be a bit of mess, however, this is normal. If you want to avoid the mess, open your bouquet outside or place a towel underneath the bouquet. 

Once styled using hairspray will help to avoid additional mess. 


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