Choosing the right vase for pampas grass

Due to the neutral color,  pampas grass in vase is an easy decor piece to add to your home and can styled in different ways to suit your style and environment. 

One of the main things that can be overlooked when styling pampas grass is your vase's style, size and color. Knowing what look you are after is important before purchasing a vase for your pampas grass.

Below are a few different vases styles to consider when choosing pampas grass and vase for your home. 

Small Vase for Pampas Grass

The best option is a bottle neck vase for pampas grass which helps keep more delicate plants like ferns and bunny tail grass in place. The small mouth captures all the stems tightly meaning that you can use different-sized vases and the decor will stay in place. To get the desired look you may need to move plants around and prune some stems to make them stick out in certain directions. 

This method is suggested for Palm and Pampas Grass Decor 

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Medium Size Vase and Pampas Grass

Medium to large sized mouth/ opening allows the pampas grass to separate and create more width. It can be styled on a coffee table or dining table alone and doesn't need to be paired with other decor to make a bold statement. Medium-mouthed vases require less styling and can be easier to get your desired look.

This method is suggested for Pampas Grass Bouquet 

Favorite Small Mouth Vase Options on Amazon

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Large Vase with Pampas Grass

Lastly, a large mouth vase is another alternative to styling dried grass in vase. Our hydrangea arrangements are best for a large-mouthed vase as the flower can cover the vase opening, creating a premium, high-end look.

When styling dried pampas in vase with a larger capacity we recommend filling the vase with rice to help keep stems in place, then the hydrangea can be placed on top to complete the look.

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